, Salem, MA

March 3, 2014

Letter: Paper wrong to criticize Walsh

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Congratulations to the editorial staff for chastising Dr. Brendan Walsh for his remarks made at a School Committee meeting last month. After all, all he has done for the past 50 years is provide his very best efforts for the parents and students in the Salem school system.

As a teacher, coach, director and principal, the welfare and education of thousands of students was, and is, foremost in his heart. Also, let’s not forget some of his community endeavors, such as the Salem Children’s Charity, which raises thousands of dollars for needy families at Christmastime, his membership on the Board of Directors for the Plummer Home for Boys and the Giving Tree scholarship he funds for Salem High students. It was really nice to see how you denigrated his character in your full-page editorial.

This is a man who has given much more to the Salem schools and his community than anyone and has asked for nothing in return. Maybe a thank you and a little more respect for his efforts are due. I think it is overdue. I know the bar is not set too high for your editorials, but this time, you really brought it a little lower. I think they call this piling on. Oh, and by the way, he may not have been politically correct in his statements at that School Committee meeting, but he was right. The Salem Education Foundation, which has shown wonderful support for teachers in the past, became somewhat politicized in this last election. I am not the only one who thinks that this happened.

J. Michael Ward

High school principal, retired