, Salem, MA

December 13, 2013

Letter: Let chaplains do their jobs

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

With all of the recent celebrations in our nation honoring our veterans with outpouring tributes for their services, there harbors a new philosophy in our military regarding our God given right to worship.

This is now occurring in all of the branches under this administration, and it is a severe blow to our constitutional principles and religious liberties.

Pressure is being mounted against chaplains from Catholic, Protestant and Jewish denominations. Christians in particular are being looked upon as a threat and are treated as such when it comes to promotion.

We see the treatment of the Fort Hood Muslim shooter’s trial delay, and the political correctness’s refusal to call it a terrorist attack by our current president.

Bradley Manning did not have to wait long at all for his trial date, did he? Why the difference?

Our military deserves all of the praying they can get, whether it is on a military base, or, on the battlefield. Our government should step aside and let chaplains do their job without interference.

We need to address our political leaders and demand that they put an end to this trend.

Bob Violette