, Salem, MA

December 21, 2013

Letter: Need for plant is questionable

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

If I may say, I am opposed to the views of the honorable state Rep. John Keenan and to his support of a fossil fuel-burning plant (Footprint Power of New Jersey, with Toyota) in Salem. Its very need is questionable.

And, to go to square one, no more carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) should be added to the tons of it already going into our air. With fracking for the acquisition of natural gas deep underground, water is polluted. Scientists are alerting us about the present climate change and global warming. Additionally, a Footprint power plant in Salem, where I live, will last for a generation and then some. (I’m thinking of our children.)

Conversely, wouldn’t it be refreshingly positive to legislate a carbon-use tax for existing plant users of fossil fuels?

George Economides