, Salem, MA

February 1, 2014

Letter: Voters need more information

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am surprised by the lack of information concerning the proposed development of the Brimbal Avenue area. Let me cite two examples. In a Jan. 17 letter to The Salem News (”Brimbal Avenue project is ‘better for Beverly’ ”), Mr. Cohen states that CEA was altruistically motivated to purchase the site so that it might be cleaned up and returned to productive use. He also states that no landfill material will be removed from the site. These two statements seem to be self-contradictory and they therefore warrant explanation. But none is given. I have sought an answer at, but without success. Can Mr. Cohen please explain exactly how CEA plans to remediate the site?

Similarly, in the Jan. 21 issue of The Salem News, Richard Dinkin, chairman of the Beverly Planning Board, states that “everyone seems to agree that after the completion of Phase II of the project, traffic on Brimbal Avenue will be reduced to below current levels.” This is getting to the crux of the issue. Since Phase I is merely a stepping-stone to Phase II, we should be very certain that we really want Phase II. But I have no idea as to what is proposed for Phase II other than some vague notion that there will be a new overpass across Route 128. That is not enough. Maybe Phase II will be awful. Shouldn’t Mr. Dinkin tell us why he is so sure that it will be good?

The electorate deserves full disclosure from both the developer and our city officials.

Kenneth A. Smith