, Salem, MA

February 4, 2014

Letter: Time to rethink Brimbal project

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In the past week new information has surfaced about the Brimbal Avenue project that should make voters want to vote “No.” For example:

It seems the state Department of Transportation now says it doesn’t want to build the new connector road from Sohier Road to Brimbal Avenue due to “structural integrity” of the old dump site, and the cost would be “prohibitively expensive” to remove the unstable material from the site.

Jacobs Engineering disclosed that their traffic study did not take into account a “grocery.” Adding a grocery to their study would add much more traffic to Brimbal Ave.

The $5 million dollar grant given to Beverly by the state will not be lost if a “No” vote wins and stops the land swap.

If the state doesn’t want to build the road why do the land swap?

Why should the city of Beverly assume the responsibility for the cost of cleaning up the old dump?

With the traffic study flawed shouldn’t we know what the real numbers would be before any construction is started?

In light of these new developments it seems the right thing to do is to vote “No” on Feb. 8 and make the city re-think this whole thing.

Vote “No” on Feb. 8.

I know I am, I hope you will too.

David R. Backstrom