, Salem, MA

February 10, 2014

Letter: Road design bedevils Peabody

The Salem News

---- — To the editor

The real issue in the intersections at Lowell Street and Route 1 in Peabody is road design. The situation that Ms. Gallucio describes (“Traffic troubles pile up in Peabody,” Jan. 31) is because there is a right lane turnoff to Route 1 north. If you sit in that lane, you block anybody from taking the exit. If you sit in the left, you face the rage of those who waited in the right. In the opposite direction, at Lowell and Goodale, you have three lanes, one to make a left turn to Route 1 south, a middle lane to proceed on Lowell and a right lane for cars exiting onto Goodale but inexplicably marked for through traffic on Lowell, as well. Why isn’t the right lane for right-turn-only traffic? Immediately after the intersection, it is one lane again. It’s like they have designed in potential for road rage. Peabody police agree with me, but the intersections are state-controlled (using that term loosely). Peabody police get the calls for the accidents.

C.L. Thompson