, Salem, MA


June 10, 2013

Letter: Businesses in proposed zoning area beware

To the editor:

After reading the May 17 and 22 Salem News articles about the proposed spot zoning changes to the industrial park in Peabody, I feel compelled to write. Pulaski Street industrial business property owners, be very afraid for your investment in Peabody. Just like we should have been more afraid for ours in the Danversport area. Peabody and Danversport industrial investors paid a hefty premium for their industrial properties. It’s too late for us in Danversport, but you people in Peabody should fight the good fight to keep what is yours. Our new zoning, just in Danversport, was changed to exclude certain uses that had always existed. The battle cry was we were grandfathered in. Well that just lets us use what we always had. Again I say, this premium money we paid was for all existing uses.

Many of these investments were for our retirements. By changing just the zoning on Pulsaki Street and Danversport, the zoning boards will have, by lowering our property values, increased the value of the industrial properties at the Peabody and Danvers industrial parks. (These were not changed.)

It’s a sad state of affairs when one group of taxpayers can be singled out like this. It’s too bad that businesses that pay a disproportionate amount of the taxes through tax classification have absolutely no vote in these matters.

Try to imagine what would happen if a group of businesses tried to change residential one zoning to allow triple deckers. Who could argue against eliminating snob zoning?

Al Allain

Former Peabody business owner


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