, Salem, MA

January 2, 2014

Letter: Ehrlich was for gas plant before she was against it

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I’m puzzled. Going through my correspondence, I found a letter to the editor I submitted April 2, 2003, in which I took Rep. Lori Ehrlich to task for asserting that the Salem power plant could be rebuilt as a natural gas plant within two years. At the time, she was against continued operation of the coal/oil-fired power plant and wanted it replaced with a natural gas plant. Of course, that wasn’t possible, and she later hedged her position.

Now it appears that she is stating that a new natural-gas-fired, combined-cycle turbine plant shouldn’t be built at the site. Her position now appears to be that it isn’t required — even though the professionals at ISO New England state that it is. The source of her “expertise” in societal power requirements and how to meet them is quite unclear. Even more unclear is why she has changed her position.

As I pointed out 10 years ago, assertion of a position doesn’t make it valid. In this case, she has taken both sides of the issue — I guess assuming that people have forgotten her initial incorrect assessment of the situation.

David Leach