, Salem, MA

January 6, 2014

Letter: Gas-fueled plant no longer a good idea

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

David Pelletier, defending the building of a new gas plant in his opinion piece (“They got their wish. Now they don’t want it,” Dec. 31), attacks those whose work over the last 16 years has brought this state to a new understanding of the terrible damage to health caused by coal and fossil fuel-burning plants. Our state legislature unanimously mandated a decrease in the production of global warming gases. This plant, if built, will violate that act of legislation by emitting 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gases and producing 13 percent of all allowable emissions by 2050!

People need to understand that what was an agreeable plan so many years ago is not a good plan today. As the ice melts and sea rises, we have a much more urgent view of the gathering ecological damage we are doing to our planet. The stacks that David admits have been a “smoke belcher,” and a deadly one at that, will be converted to a squat 230-foot exhaust stack whose emissions will be especially harmful to close neighbors, especially during start up and shut down.

Defenders of the plant should stick with the small tax advantages to Salem, the 20 workers who will be employed and the great profit to be made by the new owners of the plant. Ecologically, this new gas plant is a disaster.

Roberta Chadis