, Salem, MA

January 14, 2014

Letter: Have respect for our neighbor, the coyote

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I congratulate Massachusetts Audubon Society for presenting educational programs on coyotes at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary and for The Salem News reporting this (”Learning to live with coyotes,” Jan 9).

Finally, the public is being educated on the fact that coyotes are now residents of our neighborhoods and should be accepted just as foxes, skunks and raccoons have been for many years.

Responsible residents/pet owners should keep an eye on their animals, because roaming house cats and unleashed dogs (especially small ones) could be “targets” as “dinner” for a coyote passing through a neighborhood. I, personally, do not feel sorry for the pet owners who feel they must place “missing” posters on the street poles. They are just irresponsible owners. Don’t blame the coyote!

Also we don’t need “trigger-happy” rednecks in our midst who think they have the right to “control” our wildlife. Everyone, have respect for this animal in our midst!

I now support Jonathan Way’s research on the coyote. Concerned people should read his book, “Suburban Howls.” It is an interesting study.

Barbara Mailey

South Hamilton