, Salem, MA

May 24, 2013

Letter: The Obama administration is a lawless enterprise

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The Obama administration is a lawless enterprise and will continue to lie about the Benghazi massacre, the IRS targeting of dissension with unconstitutional attacks on political activity, and the so-called “Justice Department” seizure of phone records of news reporters. This administration has grossly breached the public trust and has severely abused its power.

For those who still incomprehensibly support Obama and Hillary Clinton consider this: If these people, with the resources of the world’s strongest military with the best-trained personnel in the world at their disposal, are willing to let people who have taken an oath to serve them be murdered without calling for reinforcements, and then lie about it to the families over the flag-draped coffins, the nation, and the world, do you really think they give a care about you?

Therefore, it is upon us, the people, to prevent the further erosion of liberty and send this band of liars and corrupt statists out of the halls of government. The burden is on us. Contrary to what our present administration thinks, we, the people own the country. And it is our sacred responsibility to protect it. Deluge Elizabeth Warren and your congressional representative with phone calls, emails, and letters demanding that they take action against this tyrannical government. Express yourself in the 2014 election by supporting the candidate, Democrat or Republican, who will bring the purveyors of this malfeasance to account. Are we worthy of our forebears? If so, our republic will endure.

Wayne Matthews