, Salem, MA

March 13, 2014

Letter: Wilson a thoughtful selectman

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am writing in support of Patrick Wilson for re-election as Wenham selectman.

Patrick is committed to vision and excellence in the stewardship of our wonderful town of Wenham. He is experienced and thoughtful, with a calm, analytical nature that has served our community so well, especially after some of the “Town Hall dramas”’ of the last year or two. He has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve the efficient operation of town business, emphasizing open and clear dialogue on the issues. He has outlined a variety of important goals going forward that will continue to build on the improvements he has already helped achieve.

I have had the privilege of working closely with Patrick over the last couple of years in my role as both member, and chair, of the Wenham Finance and Advisory Committee. Patrick is keenly interested in the issues facing the town: managing town finances effectively; sustaining an outstanding Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District at a price the two towns can afford; encouraging careful, cost-effective development to broaden our tax base; supporting conservation of our beautiful landscapes; and many others.

His is a steady hand on the tiller — open-minded, focused and engaged. He is a calm presence in deliberations, a careful listener, and an enthusiastic advocate for the best interests of Wenham. No ego trips, no small-town vendettas, no “my way or the highway” outbursts. How refreshing to have Patrick Wilson’s caring commitment to Wenham as an antidote to all that !

If you would like to ensure continued competent and caring leadership on the Wenham Board of Selectmen this year, then I submit that your choice is clear — vote for Patrick Wilson — a leader with vision focused on getting results.

Michael S. Lucy