, Salem, MA

March 15, 2014

Letter: Mayor deserves pay boost

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

For most of us, the winter of 2013-2014 has been a backbreaking period. If there was ever a year to purchase a snowblower, this winter ranks among the top. Since December, the frequency and the snowfall amounts are above average. However, hundreds of North Shore residents view this winter so far as hitting the lottery.

Large landscape companies, as well as small businesses, construction companies with large equipment and high overhead, the pickup owner who spent thousands of dollars retrofitting his vehicle with a plow, and the snow removal crews who work for various cities and towns are seeing a weekly increase in their paychecks.

Beginning this winter, Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll created a program allowing young people to generate extra income by snow shoveling at $8 per hour. This work crew now clears areas that larger equipment can’t reach. The mayor’s program instills a great work ethic and can be an addition on their resume in the future.

Now, in her third term as mayor, her staff, along with the City Council, has been working hard with both sides to resolve the power plant crisis, this complex being the largest source of revenue for the city of Salem. It now appears their hard work is paying dividends and a light can be seen down this long tunnel of negotiations.

I commend Mayor Driscoll for her efforts and vision by creating a cleaner environment and the air that we all breath. It is my opinion that the mayor deserves this proposed salary increase, one she continues to earn every day.

Nicholas J. Daley