, Salem, MA

March 26, 2014

Letter: Hubbard a fine selectman

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

We would like to urge Hamilton voters to re-elect Jeff Hubbard to the office of selectman. In his three years in office, Jeff has shown fiscal responsibility. He cares and listens to the voters and citizens. Jeff is always out about town talking to everyone so that he has the pulse of the people and knows firsthand what their needs and concerns are. Jeff is always available, truly represents the people and does not just “go with the flow.” He is the kind of person we want representing us, not someone who just votes with the majority every time. We want someone who will stand up and express his opinion and beliefs whether they are popular or not.

Jeff is honest and trustworthy, and we again urge you to vote for him on April 10.

Warren and Shirley Gray