, Salem, MA

March 27, 2014

Letter: In defense of chickens

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I was impressed with the show of community and support for backyard chickens at last week’s Salem Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. Backyard chickens, as one owner pointed out, may start as a hobby, but become a way of life. Also encouraging were the number of children in attendance at the meeting, with some contributing letters or comments in support of their beloved pets.

I am pleased with the ruling by the board, but it seems that the complainant is not done pursuing his anti-chicken agenda. I encourage backyard chicken owners (and beekeepers and maple-syrupers and gardeners, etc.) across Salem to engage with their ward councilors to help influence the regulations that are no doubt coming from this, so that we are clear that Salem embraces urban agriculture. It’s good for the city, our kids and the soul.

Jen Lynch