, Salem, MA

April 1, 2014

Letter: Archdiocese lacks transparency

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

It seems that the leaders of the Salem Collaborative of Catholic Churches continue to decimate the goodwill of their parishioners through greed, as well as a lack of faith in those volunteering their time and expertise for the good of the church (”St. James ending wildly successful bingo night,” March 28). Although I have never attended bingo at St. James, I am a lifelong parishioner, a graduate of St. James Grammar School and feel that the Catholic Church has lost the values incumbent to the Catholicism I learned as child. As we are all aware, transparency is not an evident trait for the Archdiocese of Boston overseeing our parishes. I applaud Mr. Julien and the Bingo Committee for resigning from a very lucrative and successful event that, no doubt, has entertained many of the collaborative’s parishioners for decades.

The reason for the change in the financial structure from the Bingo Committee to the Salem collaborative was not revealed in this article. I wonder if members of the collaborative or the financial leaders from the archdiocese will enlighten the faithful parishioners of the collaborative in the days and weeks to come as to why this change makes sense. After all, a profit of $68,000 to offset parish expenses is quite remarkable.

Susan Sabino