, Salem, MA

October 14, 2013

Letter: Councilor endorses Cahill for mayor

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In this important election where Beverly will choose a new leader for the office of mayor, Mike Cahill is the one candidate who stands ahead in leadership, service and experience. Let me first state how lucky Beverly is to have quality people run for public office, and that no matter what happens on Nov. 5, Beverly will have capable governance for the next two years. For that we can thank both Mr. Cahill and Mr. Slate. Wes has been a good friend and a valued colleague and no matter the final result, we will miss him on the council. As Councilor Slate knows from two years ago, it is difficult to choose between two people you have known, worked with, cared about and called friends, irrespective of one’s reasoning.

That said, my appreciation for Wes in no way diminishes my enthusiastic support for Mike Cahill as our next mayor.

Mike Cahill has been a leader and public servant for more than 25 years. First as a public school teacher, then at the Statehouse, and more recently as our City Council president, Mike understands that the ticket to success for Beverly’s future is a quality public education. As Beverly’s City Council president, Mike led the effort to ensure adequate revenues for schools and city services in the short term. More importantly, Mike engaged the serious work of developing a responsible economic growth strategy in our downtown. As our state representative, Mike did the work to help the people of Beverly build new schools, improve our infrastructure, secure needed open space for recreation and protect our water supply. In addition, Mike held many leadership roles, including chairman of Human Services and Elder Affairs, and chair of Housing and Urban Development. This gave Mr. Cahill oversight and budgetary responsibility for several billion of our tax dollars. Mike’s ability to work collectively and collaboratively with many different groups of people, along with his experience serving at several different levels of government make him an invaluable champion for the resources Beverly needs to flourish. Most importantly, Mike has never shied away from making difficult decisions, whether it is a death penalty vote, revenue for city services, or support for appropriate new growth. Mike always studies an issue, gathers the pertinent facts, and states his position unambiguously and unapologetically. Mike does this so his constituents know where he stands, and know he has come to well-thought-out decisions whether they agree or disagree with him on any one of the myriad issues public servants deal with.

In his years since serving Beverly in the Legislature, Mike continued leading his community, working for Beverly, and all of Massachusetts families as executive director of the Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs. Mike also fills many leadership roles w/ various charity and non-profits that serve the greater Beverly community. All this in addition to his leadership role on the City Council, his devoted history of public service, committed experience on behalf of his community, and dedicated leadership for Beverly, makes Mike Cahill my choice for the next mayor of Beverly!

Jim Latter

Ward 3 City Councilor