, Salem, MA

October 14, 2013

Letter: Hospital needs to consider neighborhood impact

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

It was with great interest I read the article about the North Shore Medical Center’s $170 million expansion. I hope that they take into consideration the impact this will have on the already-congested Jefferson Avenue residential neighborhood especially, at the intersection of Dove and Jefferson avenue.

As a former resident of Jefferson Avenue for decades I have seen first-hand the changes that have taken place in the area. I hope that NSMC will have a representative who will deal directly with the affected residents of the area. With a price tag of $170 million, there should be some mitigation funds set aside to address the potential unforeseen negative impact this may have on this already-congested residential neighborhood.

As we all have seen before, “this all looks great on paper,” but when all is said and done, things sometimes turn out differently than originally anticipated. I am not against this project but once again I hope NSMC will be sensitive to the questions and concerns of the area residents who live in the area. This I am sure will be a benefit to everybody involved if done properly and will strengthen the relationship that NSMC already has with the citizens of Salem.

Fred Votta