, Salem, MA

October 17, 2013

Letter: Rand the choice for Beverly

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Estelle Rand, candidate for the Beverly City Council for Ward 2, has my vote Tuesday, Nov. 5. Let me tell you why. I have had a personal relationship with a succession of aldermen and councilors since I can remember. My family and I have been proud to be part of an active citizenry and take every opportunity to exercise our vote.

For us, being active in the life of the community has taken the form of supporting new candidates like Estelle, advocating against parking and traffic changes on our street that would negatively impact access to our property, removing graffiti or even cleaning up Ellis Square on many past occasions.

It is an excellent feeling when your elected councilor is engaged with you, listening to your concern. It is commendable when they know something about you.

Having spoken with Estelle on a number of occasions I am impressed with all that she is making happen in this city. Almost everyone knows how important it is how we manage our solid waste and recycling and how it impacts the budget of this city. Well, Estelle Rand is on that committee, like many other people who take part in the valuable committee work that happens for the benefit of you and I. Notwithstanding the farmers market and community gathering spot that she is the driving force behind. It has very much enriched and “nourished” the cultural experience of a part of Rantoul Street previously more famous for bar brawls.

An active citizenry needs to elect officials from the ranks of active, intelligent, doing people. This is the leadership I hope for Beverly, but especially in Ward 2. Why do I know that Estelle can make good things happen? Because, she is already following her vision, and I like what she sees.

Kenneth Glover