, Salem, MA

October 17, 2013

Letter: Slate gives direct answers

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

We in Beverly are about to hire someone to manage a $106 million business. Most people refer to this as electing our mayor. We all want a leader who is smart, experienced and capable of following through effectively with the myriad of tasks and people involved. We want to share our personal experience of both candidates, pertaining to qualities we value in a mayor.

In our home, we heard Wes Slate respond directly to controversial questions. In our home, we heard his opponent agree first with one person, then with another holding an opposing opinion. When multiple people could hear him, Wes’ opponent refused to respond to controversial questions. Wes is willing to say “No” when it’s needed, because everyone can’t have what they want.

Both candidates have a fine vision for Beverly. Wes Slate has more. Mayor Bill Scanlon and Councilor Maureen Troubetaris have endorsed Wes for mayor. Why is it that people who know and have worked with both candidates are choosing Wes? Wes gets the job done, whatever is needed.

Beverly needs a leader with personal courage who directly approaches controversy, not a figurehead who avoids it. We are not electing a family; we are electing one man. Beverly needs Wes Slate.

Please vote on Nov. 5.

Carole Rein

Paul A. Schwartz