, Salem, MA

October 21, 2013

Letter: Stop persecuting Christians

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

According to a study conducted by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary on Christian persecution, 80 percent of today’s world will disallow Christian teaching, and imprison and put to death people who try to share the Christian gospel.

This study shows that in the last decade, an average of 100,000 Christians have been killed each year for the past decade.

That works out to 11 Christians killed somewhere in the world every hour, seven days a week, 365 days a year for reasons related to their faith.

This is the unreported catastrophe of our time! The carnage is occurring on such a vast scale that it is the human rights story of this age.

According to the International Society of Human Rights, based in Frankfurt, Germany, 80 percent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed at Christians.

That makes Christians the most persecuted religious body on the planet.

I am sad to see this kind of discrimination happening here in our own country, as priests and ministers in our military are being arrested for conducting religious services by our own administration.

Our servicemen and women are being deprived of spiritual nourishment as they put their very lives on the line for our freedom and liberty.

Have we become so calloused as a nation to turn our backs on this nation’s finest?

Strangely enough, prison chaplains still do minister to prisoners without harassment.

Do we need another awakening like 9/11 to bring us out of our coma?

Bob Violette