, Salem, MA

November 1, 2013

Letter: Support councilors who will ask questions

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Within walking distance from my house in Salem, hundreds of units of dense rental housing are being packed in. A student dorm is being planned as a “gateway” building downtown. A senior center is being built on land so polluted that humans are warned not to walk on it. Parents stress over a substandard school system. And another power plant is being built to subsidize our depressed real estate values. Meanwhile, the highest property tax rates on the North Shore are funding this gritty urban vision.

Yet, some candidates for the council say we should just smile and go with it. They believe this is the best vision for Salem that we have. One even states that councilors who scrutinize our current path are “wasting time on negative political drama.” These are the disengaged candidates who will smile for the camera while supporting a new six-story apartment building right next to your house.

I urge everyone to vote for the responsible councilors who have questioned — and will continue to question — the effect that short-sighted policies have on our city and our quality of life. Let’s make sure we vote Mike Sosnowski, Paul Prevey, Arthur Sargent and Steven Pinto into office to ask those probing questions and protect Salem from careless representation and poor vision.

Jennifer Firth