, Salem, MA

November 1, 2013

Letter: Cesa has experience, perspective

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Although I may not agree with all the endorsements of The Salem News published on Oct. 29, I appreciate that there was some logic behind each endorsement either based on their experience or position on important issues. At the very end of the editorial, the editorial endorses the candidate for Ward 5 School Committee, Duane Anderson, just because “the Beverly School Committee could always use a fresh perspective,” Your endorsement didn’t include any information regarding his experience or position on issues that would cause a vote to stray from a competent incumbent, Ann Marie Cesa.

Newspaper endorsements are extremely powerful as readers see newspaper editors as having unique knowledge of the political landscape. If the editor really doesn’t have enough information to endorse School Committee candidates, then don’t make an endorsement at all, as your vague endorsement is extremely misleading. As a former School Committee president and resident of Ward 5, I have been very disappointed in the Salem News’ lack of coverage of School Committee meetings and issues. Why is a “fresh perspective” recommended for Ward 5 School Committee but not any of the other wards or city councilor positions were you applaud “experience?” Ann Marie has served on numerous school-related boards, subcommittees, PTOs, search committees and most notably has served as our ward representative for 10 years and continues to deliver both experience and a fresh perspective.

Gina Coburn