, Salem, MA

November 6, 2013

Letter: Red Sox season one for the ages

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Well, the Red Sox reached Mt. Everest, the 2013 World Series title.

The biggest MLB comeback of all time, surpassing the 1987 Minnesota Twins of manager Tom Kelly and the late Kirby Puckett, who the year before in 1986 won more than the 69 games the 2012 Red Sox won.

The Sox 2013 comeback was even more impressive than the John McGraw Giants teams and the Connie Mack Philadelphia A’s teams of the early part of the 1900s, and the great Yankee teams of the Babe Ruth era and beyond who were all powerful teams winning many World Series championship titles.

Speaking of the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals, they have a tremendous pitching staff with five to seven young arms who bring it. Ninety-five to 97 mph and throw many strikeouts.

They remind me of the great Casey Stengel-era New York Yankees’ pitching staff of Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, Eddie Lopat and Whitey Ford, and the Baltimore Orioles’ staff in the Earl Weaver era of Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Pat Dobson and Mike Cuellar. Pretty good company.

With the kind of pitching these 2013-era St. Louis Cardinals have, they should be strong for the upcoming years, even with half-decent hitting.

Back to the 2013 Yankees. The Yankees had a lot of injuries they couldn’t overcome. Mark Teixeira, out for the season; Derek Jeter, playing very few games; Curtis Granderson, out half the season, etc.

Speaking of the Yankees, this longtime Red Sox fan rates Derek Jeter as the best all-around shortstop I have ever seen, to go along with Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in MLB history — except this year. Koji Uehara was the best closer, helping the Sox win the 2013 World Series under manager John Farrell and the “Bearded Wonders.”

Thanks for a 2013 Red Sox World Series championship, one for the ages.

Wally Birmingham