, Salem, MA

April 4, 2014

Letter: Use Fort Lee parking lot as intended

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Congratulations to Dominic Serino and all who participated in the clean up of Fort Lee as noted in the The Salem News (“It’s time to clean up a piece of Salem history,” March 28).

Unfortunately, the city of Salem has used the Fort Lee parking lot as its own personal dump for several years. It also uses it as a staging site for heavy equipment and construction supplies when there are road projects nearby.

The city, the DPW and city councilors have been told of this problem many times and they take no action to stop these dumping and staging practices.

These practices put out a welcome mat to illegal dumpers who use it with impunity.

A year ago we were assured the gate to the parking lot would be locked to stop illegal dumping. Finally, last month, the gate was locked but only after landscaping debris, road surface debris, sofa cushions and concrete pipes amassed. No doubt, it will be left unlocked again soon.

Will the Fort Lee parking lot be used for a staging area again when the new pipeline is built?

We always hear about the city being strapped for cash. Why not charge for parking when some of the many walks, road races and festivals are held in the Willows? The money collected could go to the upkeep of what you call “ important place that is virtually unseen and unknown.”

I hope Dominic Serino petitions the city to keep the use of the parking lot for what it was intended, i.e., parking.

Len Milaszewski