, Salem, MA

April 4, 2014

Letter: Condoms have no place in schools

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I suppose that it’s just a sign of these awful times, but it’s very distressing anyway. I’m referring to the Peabody School Committee’s consideration of a motion by member Ed Charest to distribute condoms to students.

It’s sickening that someone could even think of passing out condoms to kids. Thank God that it did not pass! Although member Dave McGeney voted against the measure he did proclaim: “Contraceptives are a major component to consider in offering full health care services to teens.” How can anyone say “contraceptives” and “health care” in the same breath? One does not go with the other.

Whatever happened to morality? Whatever happened to telling kids that sex outside of marriage is wrong, it’s immoral, it’s sinful? The argument that they’re going to do it anyway so let’s help them do it right, is totally stupid!

Educators should be educating our children to do what’s morally right, not what pleases those without morals!

Joseph Sciola