, Salem, MA

April 7, 2014

Letter: Harrison a sincere candidate

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I would like to express my joy that Catherine Harrison is running for election in the town of Wenham. Her character is second to none, and to have her in any elected office at all is to have a most valuable individual who genuinely cares for the well-being of the community. Ms. Harrison is one of the most sincere and nonjudgmental people I have met, and in addition to being a wonderful listener she invests herself personally in crafting viable solutions to keep things running smoothly. She has been unswervingly loyal and honest in all interactions we have had in the several years that we have known each other, and I could not be more grateful to know her.

One of Ms. Harrison’s most wonderful assets is that she sees things that many people overlook, and upon seeing she springs into action to assist. I have been working in South Hamilton for the last few years, and in this amount of time she has noticed things that she could do to assist me in several work situations. She has consistently created solutions on my behalf, and she had absolutely nothing to gain in doing so. She simply cares enough to see what can be remedied and offers a hand in creating viable and cost-effective solutions in each circumstance.

Ms. Harrison is authentic and dignified in every conversation I have ever witnessed and shared. She is compassionate and thoughtful, and ideologically conservative while being warm, compassionate and sincerely open to different points of view. She effortlessly combines warmth and strength, and when I heard Natalie Merchant’s song “Trouble Me” on the radio recently, I thought of Ms. Harrison. Merchant sings “Why let your shoulders bend underneath this burden when my back is sturdy and strong? ... Trust is what I’m offering if you trouble me.” Thank you to Natalie Merchant for writing what could be a campaign song for Catherine Harrison!

Ms. Harrison is already a phenomenal asset to the town of Wenham, as she has served in numerous capacities in serving the town. She brings her authentic, highly intelligent, strong and beautiful self to every interaction, and I know that in any office she holds it is loyalty and honesty that she brings to the position. She will protect the town’s assets. She will look out for your well-being, and you will find her to be a most forthright and loyal colleague. I am delighted for you that you have such a wonderful woman running for selectman.

Dr. Holly M. Zagaria