, Salem, MA

February 27, 2013

Letter: Contact your councilors on senior center vote

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Once again, the senior/community center is being proposed; here is a little background.

When the center was first proposed, the administration put together a committee to discuss the various needs. Subcommittees were formed to look into each of the requirements. One of the major issues was its location. I and several other members were on this subcommittee, and I drove them around the city looking at a number of possible locations.

In the end, the entire committee took a vote and settled on two parcels owned by the city and one public/private location, as was requested by the administration prior to the search for a location. The public locations were both down the Willows, and the public/private was the Boston and Bridge streets site. During this time, there were several public meetings where folks expressed their feeling on the locations, both pro and con. Ultimately, the Boston/Bridge streets site was selected and sent to the City Council for approval. The council approved the site and the funding. However, after this, the economy went into a tumble, and the center has not been built.

Over the last few years, we have lost several seniors and others still living who have not had the opportunity to enjoy a new center.

Please contact your councilor and councilors-at-large and tell them you want them to vote to proceed with the building of a new center at the Boston and Bridge site before we lose more of our precious seniors and have to wait another 20-plus years for a center to be built.

John A. Walsh