, Salem, MA

December 26, 2012

Letter: The products of our culture

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

As our nation observes this Christmas season with much sadness over the carnage at Newtown, Conn., we stand at awe as to how such an evil occurrence could happen.

All of the experts from various backgrounds are searching how to prevent such a hideous thing from repeating itself.

People everywhere in our nation are praying for families impacted by this tragedy.

One look at how our young people have been impacted by our modern culture should leave us real clues as to changes that have occurred in the past years.

The sound of Christmas carols that began right after Thanksgiving stopped. Schools have removed prayers and teachings about our creator that are now against the law.

These principles have been replaced with violent video games, no accountability for bad behavior, sex education at very young ages, and if it feels good, do it. You are your own master.

These are the products of our culture. We have allowed political correctness transcend over common sense.

Let us bring back our nation’s culture! We have listened to wrong influences for too long.

Robert Violette