, Salem, MA

January 23, 2013

Letter: Stories of kindness from Children's Charity

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I write on behalf of the people who make Salem Children’s Charity work to thank all involved in making “Salem’s Christmas Party” a huge success. This year’s total raised exceeded $27,000. This is the largest amount we have ever made. And it remains true that all proceeds go to helping Salem schoolchildren who face a wide variety of difficulties. The work continues, thanks to all who show up for a great time!

Special thanks, as always, to Victoria Station restaurant — our “home.” Again this year, the restaurant closed for the evening so that we could have the run of the building at no charge. Once again, Victoria Station’s food vendors donated all of the incredible food we consumed. Once again, the staff of Victoria Station donated their time. “Thank you” seems so paltry for such magnanimity, but it comes from the bottom of our hearts.

Each year, there are amazing stories of kindness that just happen. A couple from this year:

Christine Fernandes, an amazing teacher, retired from the Salem Public Schools. Her friends and colleagues presented her with a monetary gift. Christine immediately announced that the entire amount would go to Salem Children’s Charity. Her husband, Bernardo, moved by the generosity of both Christine’s friends and Christine herself, made a matching gift.

Melanie McKinnon, a one-woman force for good and founder of It Starts With Me, came to Victoria Station to relax and socialize after putting forth an incredible effort mobilizing friends, family and anyone she spoke to to provide Thanksgiving dinners for more than 400 people (phew). She couldn’t resist adding a personal check on the spot to boost the coffers of Salem Children’s Charity.

There are so many stories like these. They help Salem Children’s Charity help children and their families weather disasters of natural, fiscal and accidental natures. It is not possible without you who come back year after year! Salem Children’s Charity wishes you good health and happiness in 2013. We’ll see you in December!

Brendan Walsh

For the Salem Children’s Charity