, Salem, MA

March 16, 2013

Letter: Beware the recycling police

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The recycling police are coming! The recycling police are coming!

Are you kidding? More government interference, and now you are going to snoop in my trash? I thought we were doing so well with voluntary recycling. We have actually done so well at our house, I’ll bet we have reduced our trash amount by 50 percent.

How about increasing the goal of voluntary recycling so that the noncompliance rate is so small that there is no need for additional punitive measures? Gee, now there is a novel concept.

So, watch out everyone, you never know who will be peeking in your recycle bin. Hide those wine bottles, as they will probably be counting them. Better yet, put them in your neighbor’s bin.

Stephen Delaney