, Salem, MA

March 16, 2013

Letter: Mayor Driscoll just another politician?

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

As a longtime Driscoll supporter, it’s disappointing when she twists the truth just like any other politician.

In a recent Salem News article on mandatory recycling (”Mandatory recycling floated in Salem,” March 5), she stressed four times that it was not punitive. What part of “mandatory” is not punitive? We already have voluntary recycling.

Presumably someone who did not comply with mandatory recycling would not have mandated items in their trash picked up. Or will there be fines? Either sounds punitive.

If there are no sanctions for not complying with mandatory anything, then how can it be it mandatory?

Why not just say it’s to be a rule that is to be enforced just like any other rule? Why blow in our ears?

Mayor Kim, you didn’t used to do this kind of political double-speak. If this is a trend, it’s kind of sad.

John Bannick