, Salem, MA

March 26, 2013

Letter: Proposed ordinance punishes businesses, community

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I credit the Salem City Council on delaying approval of an ordinance to charge stores to retrieve stolen shopping carts. As Jim Crosby stated, stores would be punished twice, first by losing their property and then paying to retrieve it back from the city. The fine would be a payment that would penalize the businesses that have been a fixture in the community for years, businesses such as Crosby’s Market and Steve’s Market that give back to their communities with donations and employment of a diverse group of workers. Businesses that are convenient for our senior citizens to walk to, which is a rarity in many other cities, would also be penalized.

There should be a plan put forth by business owners that does not further impede them during these hard economic times. It should be a plan that prevents shopping carts from straying off their property, but not a plan that fines them through a city ordinance.

Ruth Brennan