, Salem, MA

September 18, 2013

Take me to your leader

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

If I was an alien and had landed my spacecraft in Beverly’s Ward 2, I would give my standard greeting, “Take me to your leader.” I would expect to meet with Estelle Rand, candidate for Ward 2 City Council, because while hovering, I would’ve noticed a wonderfully vibrant farmers market run and established by Estelle. I would see people buying locally grown produce and talking to each other. I’d see activities for kids like hula hoops and storytelling. I’d see local artists selling their art and really good live music. With my big brain, I’d see how all these activities ripple out into the community and know the origins of that ripple lead back to Estelle. With Estelle Rand as our Ward 2 City Councillor, City Hall might not look so alien.

Sean and Michele Devlin