, Salem, MA

September 19, 2013

Letter: Slate will work hard as mayor

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

To lead a vibrant city like Beverly, manage its breadth of departments and coordinate with the many essential volunteer boards and organizations, we need a mayor with both vision and real-world experience. In my 40-plus years of business experience, I’ve found that the best contributors are usually those who have had experience in several companies and disciplines; people who can bring broad perspectives and varied experiences to bear on the opportunities and challenges of their new responsibilities. I believe that’s exactly what Wes Slate brings to us. I am grateful that we do have a candidate with this type of background, and one whom I have worked with directly on several matters before the City Council. I am very pleased to support Wes in his bid for the mayor’s job.

If you will look at the “Education and Experience” page, and the “Wes Works” page on his website,, you will find a concise but in-depth summary of his seven years teaching, 30-plus years in business and six highly successful years as a Beverly city councilor. This is real-world experience with breadth and depth, exactly what we need. The “Wes Works” page gives concrete illustrations of his many contributions at the city level, and his “Future Work” page illustrates his commitment to key future projects.

Please join me on Tuesday in voting for Wes for mayor. He will lead and do the nitty-gritty.

Peter Johnson