, Salem, MA

September 21, 2013

Letter: Slate will do the work

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

We are writing in support of our colleague Wes Slate for mayor of Beverly. Having served with Wes, we know he stays focused, engaged and energized with the business at hand. Wes loves the work that he has been engaged for in Beverly. With his extensive business background, his real-life work experience, knowledge as a family man, and his proven service to Beverly, we believe he is our best candidate to be the next mayor of Beverly.

Since his election in 2008, Wes has treated his part-time position as city councilor as though it is a full-time one. On the council, he is known as a workhorse. To be better informed he attends all committee meetings, not just his own committees. Additionally, he has made it a point to build strong working relationships with department heads so that when a constituent reaches out, Wes knows how to get the job done.

We all deserve a mayor who is dedicated to Beverly, and who will work in a committed and focused manner each day, through the time-consuming meetings and details.

Please join us in voting for Wes Slate to be the next mayor of Beverly.

Maureen Troubetaris

Ward 1 councilor


Ward 4 councilor, 2004-2011