, Salem, MA

October 3, 2013

Letter: Salem's arch needs repair

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Salem is in the midst of cleaning house. Streets are receiving long-overdue attention, a general cleaning is taking place for the expected crowds of October, new signage and fresh paint abounds throughout the city.

But there remains one of the biggest and most glaring eyesores, which is also a safety hazard to the people of Salem. I speak of the arch on the Common facing Winter Street. It is in a deplorable state of repair; it is completely rotted from the inside out and must be in such a weakened condition that I would suspect the slightest wind would bring it down. If this were on private property, I have no doubt the city would intervene for the public good.

Mayor Driscoll, either repair or replace this monstrosity — don’t just ignore it.

Ken Bonacci