, Salem, MA

December 9, 2013

Letter: Children's Charity bash tomorrow

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Twenty years ago three people involved in the restaurant business were sitting around at Victoria Station talking about what they could do to help needy children in Salem.

Their first “Christmas Party” was a lot of fun, they passed the hat and collected about $1,500 and, unknown to them, they had created an incredible force for good in the lives of many Salem schoolchildren. Last year, through the Christmas Party, a golf tournament and a harbor cruise, Salem Children’s Charity raised and distributed nearly $40,000 to people and situations where it was really needed. This was done with virtually no overhead because Salem Children’s Charity has no employees, no paid consultants, etc. Thus virtually every cent collected has gone and will continue to go to the people/situations where need arises, year-round.

I once wrote a piece about them in which I labeled the Magi, because they unselfishly brought their gifts to children at Christmas time. Two of the three are still with us and, as always, remain anonymous to most people. This is how they would have it.

Thus the purpose of this letter. Tuesday, Dec. 10 will mark Salem Children’s Charity’s 20th anniversary. More than 300 people will gather for great food, silent and live auctions and many raffles. As always, the party will take place at Victoria Station, “home” to Salem Children’s Charity. The price of admission is $15. Doors open at 5 p.m.

Please join the Magi, all your friends and friends you haven’t met to celebrate the holidays and help the Magi and friends to continue to meet the needs of struggling Salem school children. See you at Vic Station!

Brendan Walsh