, Salem, MA


June 29, 2013

Letter: Motorcycle editorial was off-base

To the editor:

It was with disappointment that I read your editorial regarding the noise issue concerning motorcycles (“As summer heats up, watch out for motorcycles,” June 26).

If, as reported by The Salem News, safety may be improved by loud, obnoxious blasting of a muffler, I would like to suggest that all bicycles be given air horns and pedestrians cow bells. That, I’m sure, will result in “safer” transportation.

Most people do not need to be proceeded by a “Here I come everyone, here I come” blast of noise. It is pollution by every sense and definition and a nuisance for all of us 95 percent non-motorcycle riders.

If you want to weave in and out of traffic and not follow common laws and courtesy, the law of physics still apply. Slow down, shut up.

Eric Olson


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