, Salem, MA

September 15, 2012

Letter: We’ve seen this story before

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

We conservatives should speak up against the evils of socialism, fascism and communism. America has been at war with the Nazis, communists and socialists since before World War II, and today we are still fighting totalitarian forms of government. Many of our war heroes have died in defense of our capitalist democratic form of government, and we should never forget it. Memorial Day or Veterans Day in my book is every day, not just one day a year.

Wake up, America, or President Barack Obama will take us over in the same way that Adolf Hitler took over Germany. In my opinion, it appears that President Obama wants total control, and that means a totalitarian form of government. We are in danger of losing all of the freedoms that veterans served, fought and died for.

America should keep constant watch over those who those would take over America in the same peaceful way that Hitler took over Germany. If not, all of our veterans who died in action will have died in vain.

Socialism didn’t work in Europe. Just look at Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Russia and other European socialist countries. Entitlements have bankrupted their economies. You can’t keep giving (entitlements) and taxing. There are no free lunches.

A good example in this country is the ever-increasing high federal deficit. You can’t tax and spend to upstart the economy. In a democratic capitalist form of government, free enterprise is the answer. The free market, big business and small business will eventually get our economy moving again.

Obama is dividing us through deceptive means. He makes it look like working hard and being successful is criminal. Share the wealth. Give to those who do not want to work. He sends billions of your dollars overseas to help unfriendly countries. What he has been doing since he has been elected president is buying votes by giving welfare benefits to those who are capable of working. I am in favor of helping those who are mentally and physically incapable of working or those who are facing temporary hardships, but I question why President Obama is encouraging illegal immigrants to enter this country and providing them with entitlements. That is what I call buying votes. He has been deceiving many citizens in thinking that he is for the underdog. What he doesn’t realize is that Americans have always been for the underdog. Entitlements should go only to deserving American citizens.

The biggest concern I have with President Obama is why has he concealed his records through legally sealing them so that his records will not become public. This makes me very suspicious. What is he hiding?

As New Hampshire citizens say, “Live Free or Die.” Democracy gives you that option.

Anthony V. Salvo