, Salem, MA

January 8, 2013

Letter: Sicuranza would be conduit for youths

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In Salem, state Sen. Joan Lovely’s City Council seat is still waiting to be filled.

Christopher Sicuranza, a fresh face and qualified candidate, vies for this seat and could very well be the conduit for young Salem, as well as the heart that demands care for our seniors. Energetic and organized, the director of communications at New England Police Benevolent Association helps create marketing strategies, designs public relations campaigns, maintains branding efforts and coordinates social media/technology efforts. This bridges the wide gap where we lose our younger citizens. Our community could be so much larger if we had a communications expert on the council.

The council recognized Chris’ qualifications, but negligently dismissed what he has to offer over working comfortably with a previously elected council member. I commend Lucy Corchado’s long and appreciated career of community activism, and although I do not know Steve Pinto very well, I did not like hearing that he lost his re-election bid. Hearing city councils pushing back on their voters will gets under my skin. It is very clear to me that Salem is asking for change.

Salem City Council, you voted the same tie vote nearly 300 times, making history ... again. Not the kind of history I believe Salem wants. Council, you proved your dedication to your candidate, now prove your dedication to our city and the progressive hearts that beat for it.

Vote for Chris Sicuranza tonight.

Nichole Snow Dawson