, Salem, MA

January 8, 2013

Letter: Candidate's call to action

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Fellow citizens of Salem, the time has come to restore sanity and pursue candidates that will allow a civil discourse without petty squabbling and posturing. Thursday night, the City Council met to decide an interim replacement for Joan Lovely, which stalemated between two former city councilors, Steve Pinto and Lucy Corchardo. Only glimmers of hope for compromise came from Kevin Carr and Tom Furey when they attempted to persuade others to find another candidate, but quickly the roll call routine became an exercise in futility. Three hundred rounds. Three thousand votes. No winner.

Salem deserves better. I personally had a moment of weakness toward the 1 a.m. recess at around the 250th vote when I demanded that somebody should showcase leadership and announced my tremendous loss of respect of all of them. While the outburst was uncalled for, the trench digging is far worse.

I was personally lied to by several councilors, stating they would have me as their compromise and late-round vote candidate. I now know that very few men in that room care to serve this city, but only themselves. A greater councilor may have found a new candidate to consider, create a compromise or at least offer a better solution. Instead, 300 rounds. Three thousand votes. No winner.

Make no mistake, I intend to fight for this city and will rally a base unlike any other candidate before me to form a bloc of candidates to remove all councilors that represent roadblocks and persuade the people of Salem to vote for the change we so desperately need.

If you are interested in my vision further, I assure you, you will be hearing a lot more from me. Our progressive slate will focus on solving the problems of the whole, not supporting cronyism alongside the same tired solutions. A new voice for a new generation is absolutely essential, and I ask that all citizens consider my proposal of taking down all obstructionists out of office later this year — whether in getting involved as a candidate or by being part of this new team, I am asking that you take this call to action seriously.

Let’s make this fall’s council race only one round with thousands of votes from us, the people of Salem, and I ask you to serve your community in its time of need. Otherwise, we will all lose and have no real winner.

Christopher Sicuranza