, Salem, MA

January 8, 2013

Letter: Respect the will of the people

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I have read with much interest how the vacancy for Salem councilor-at-large should be remedied come the first of the year. What I personally find disturbing and take issue with is that our “elected” City Council officials would even consider sliding Steve Pinto into a spot that was never his to hold.

Had Mr. Pinto placed higher on the ballot back in November’s election, it would have been a moot point. Let me remind the good and decent citizens of Salem that in November, after all was said and done, Mr. Pinto was in fact voted out of office, evidenced by his lackluster placing on the November ballot of a forgettable sixth place.

Steve claims that he wants to “hit the ground running.” How ironic that he couldn’t as much walk, not run, to human resources when he took an interest in reviewing candidates for a vacant purchasing agent position. Also remember that when it came time to vote for the lease on 120 Washington St., rather than support the mayor on what would have been a savings to the city of Salem, he chose not to do so and, in typical Pinto fashion, chose to vote with his fellow naysayers, causing the city to pay thousands of dollars in upkeep and repairs for 120 Washington St.

In closing, though I know the city charter dictates that the City Council as a whole has the right to make the final decision on this vacancy, it is clearly not the only alternative. It is my hope that our elected officials put their personal “friendships” and feelings aside, and honor the good people of Salem who spoke loud and clear with their choice in November. Mr. Pinto needs to be removed from consideration for this open vacancy. There is nothing more significant than the voice of the people, and that alone should stand on its own.

Catherine Moskovis