, Salem, MA

January 8, 2013

Letter: Vote against Pinto shows tortured logic

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Normally, I enjoy political theater, but the last council meeting was more than one could bear — 300 votes and no resolution? Were they taking their lead from Congress? What I really don’t understand is why Lucy Corchado has such stout support of half the current council. She left the council of her own volition some six years ago.

When she was on the council, more than a few people noticed her attendance record. When she was on the council, some felt she only represented half of her own ward. It makes me think that it is really more of an anti-Pinto group than a pro-Corchado group, and that is unfortunate. It is especially unfortunate when some of the reasoning offered for particular positions is really just tortured logic. That is mostly directed toward Councilor Josh Turiel for his letter on Wednesday where he stated he would have liked to vote for Darek Barcikowski, who came in fifth, but can’t bring himself to vote for Steven Pinto because he came in sixth. Really? So he settled on Ms. Corchado, who came in ...? Oh, that’s right, nothing. Maybe he should abstain from the next vote.

Personally, I hope that Mr. Pinto is confirmed to fill the rest of Councilor Joan Lovely’s remaining time because the last thing Salem needs is an unchecked Mayor Driscoll, or we might end up with traffic lights at every intersection.

Bruce Wood