, Salem, MA

January 17, 2013

Our view: A good call in eliminating violent games

The Salem News

---- — One response to the Newtown, Conn., school shootings can be seen right here on the North Shore.

The most violent video games have been pulled out of a rest stop in Beverly by state transportation officials, in response to a complaint from a couple taken aback by watching people shooting guns in video attack games at a rest stop not far from Newtown on Christmas Eve.

It’s debatable whether violent video games lead to more aggression in the real world, but there’s no question that many people don’t want their children — or themselves, for that matter — exposed to the sight of others shooting realistic-looking rifles at simulated people on screen every time they visit a highway rest stop. Many of us take care to shield our kids from bloodthirsty movies and violent television shows, and don’t take kindly to watching video mayhem while eating lunch on a road trip with the kids.

There’s also no need for it. There are plenty of amusements for kids and adults alike that don’t involve excessive violence. Those who prefer gore can enjoy it in their own homes.

Kudos to the state officials who responded quickly and effectively to this complaint. Lots of people talk despairingly about our culture of violence; these folks did something about it.