, Salem, MA

February 1, 2013

Letter: Women have options besides abortion

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In regard to the article on the Jan. 24 Opinion page by Rekha Basu (“In abortion debates, time for prevention focus”) it is notable that that was the aim of the first clinic started by Margaret Mead many years ago, realizing that women were producing dozens of children they could not adequately support and were also damaging to their health.

She introduced the condom, diaphragm and spermicidal jellies. There was also the option to have one’s tubes tied to prevent more pregnancies.

The introduction of the birth control pill gave an impetus to free love, but it was not 100 percent effective, so abortion became the solution. The pill is not without its side effects. According to a documentary on PBS, it was introduced to poor women in South America with many deaths and damages to their reproductive systems.

Some women in America have found that when they wanted to conceive, they could not. Obama’s plan to make insurance companies pay for the pill for Medicaid patients who enjoy “free health care” is wrong.

Women who feel they won a victory with their abortion rights are only deceiving themselves. Women in the United States have always valued life. That is why they are reluctant to give up a defective child. Yet today, women have abortions even if they are married because it is an inconvenient time to have a baby. Women do have a choice. They have a choice to abstain from sex or use safe prevention devices. Women who can freely destroy the life of their unborn child can freely kill others. That has resulted in today’s edict by Vice President Joe Biden, who announced that women may now become combat soldiers in the military.

Dorothy V. Gregory