, Salem, MA

March 6, 2013

Letter: Answers not found at the extremes

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Anthony Mirabito wrote a very insightful opinion piece (“The fallacy of ‘low-information’ voters,” March 1) in reply to Barbara Anderson. To which I added a suggestion that we needed a third party. That got a cute response from Tim O’Keefe: “Third parties are just an excuse for the irresolute.”

Aside from mixing up “resolute” with just plain noncompromising obstinate, the comment ignores the reality of the demographics. The last data set I saw listed registered voters in Massachusetts as 20 percent Republican, 29 percent Democratic and 51 percent independent/unenrolled. My concern is that with the extreme “resoluteness” of both parties, there is nobody representing our point of view in the middle where compromises are worked out. Nationally, voters tend to be center-right.

I’m hard-pressed to conjure up an issue (short of another Pearl Harbor) that is so black and white that the correct response will be found at one extreme or the other.

Over the years, there have been several national parties that have degenerated into the two that we have now. As long as their main goal is pointing fingers and “scoring points” in the media against the other side, the real business of the country is ignored, as this past weekend’s fiasco demonstrated.

The campaigner-in-chief is like a dog that chases cars and one day catches one. Not knowing what to do with it, instinct takes over and he tries to bury it in the backyard, which is what is happening to our economy. Just ask the people who are no longer even considered part of the labor force. They are not even important enough to be counted in the unemployed statistics. Or pick your favorite issue that is being kicked down the road.

George Binns