, Salem, MA

November 23, 2012

Letter: A victory for Beverly

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Community Preservation Beverly, the organization that promoted the passage of the Community Preservation Act in Beverly, wishes to express its gratitude to all the voters and organizations who supported passage of CPA in Beverly.

Our committee began with the firm belief that CPA would be a valuable tool to protect open space, develop and rehabilitate recreational facilities, support affordable-housing projects, and preserve our historic properties and collections in Beverly. After getting the word out about CPA through newspaper articles, letters to the editor, public forums, lawn signs and booths at city events, we are gratified that the majority of Beverly voters agreed that the small surcharge on our real estate taxes ($26 to $39 for the typical Beverly homeowner) is a worthwhile investment in our community. CPA will support worthy projects that will enhance the quality of our lives and make our city an even more desirable community in which to live. Those we failed to convince on Election Day will share in these benefits, and we hope that they eventually will see CPA in a positive light.

Now that Beverly has adopted CPA, the next step is for the City Council to pass an ordinance that will set up a Community Preservation Committee, made up of volunteers from city boards and other interested citizens. There are plenty of opportunities for citizen involvement even if you are not a member of the committee. You or your organization can propose projects, attend public meetings and comment on proposals. This is a shining moment for Beverly as a community. We look forward to Beverly reaping the benefits of the Community Preservation Act.

Robert Buchsbaum

Community Preservation Beverly