, Salem, MA

December 17, 2012

Beverly lost a true gentleman

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Losing a loved one is never easy. It becomes harder when it’s sudden, and even more emotionally daunting when it happens around the holiday season. Unfortunately for the family and friends of Beverly’s Paul Henderson, they have recently experienced all of the above.

I am deeply saddened and sorry for your loss. It’s at times like these we are all reminded of our own mortality, and some of us even question our own faith. None among us can truly comprehend God’s plan, but whatever it is at the moment, it seems to me to be very unfair.

Paul was without a doubt “one of the good guys.” He was known to many as one of the kindest, caring souls one could ever meet, constantly performing small acts of goodwill while never, ever seeking or wanting thanks or attention.

He was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. Rarely, if ever, did he say a negative thing about anyone, always willing to listen or impart simple and sensible advice, which always seemed more like friendly suggestion rather than a lecture. His overall quiet demeanor had a calming effect on other people he would come in contact with.

Paul also had an affectionate side as well. I was always struck by the way he would simply refer to his long-time love Sue Ball, as “my girl,” and you could feel both his pride and happiness in his voice.

It has been said that the holiday season is a time when people smile a little easier, act a little nicer and think a little better of one’s fellow human beings.

That is not only true of how Paul regularly acted, but was the way in which he lived his life.

May we honor both his spirit and memory by simply striving to be better, kinder people.

The type of good and decent person that we all saw, knew and loved in Paul Henderson.

James F.X. Doherty