, Salem, MA

April 8, 2013

Letter: Angela Miller and chasing rainbows

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Well, it has begun, my late-night journey into “American Idol” voting. That is if you consider 10 p.m. late, but these days, for some reason, that seems to be well beyond my desired bedtime. Still, there are times in life when we find things bigger than ourselves to stay up for. As I watch Angie Miller in the top three for “American Idol” votes, I cannot help but feel like Kermit the Frog singing an off-pitch song about rainbows. I can feel the spirit of a small town called Beverly, Mass., echoing across the nation in the results of those votes. A spirit tapping into a dream that refuses to fail and a belief that continues forward in the hearts, actions and deeds of everyday people.

I have come to find that dreams are precious things not to be easily let go, because, like rainbows, they tend to fade quickly if we do so. I can see the birthing of dreams coming true not only in the voice of Angie Miller but the mother’s love of an autistic child as told by Beverly resident Jeneil Russell, whose stories will appear in upcoming insertions of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” I can see it in the sacrifices of longtime Beverly resident Fred Butler, who at age 106 was granted his diploma for the rainbow, the dream he pursued so many years ago.

Nearly nine years ago, I followed my own rainbow to Massachusetts, and at the end, I found the North Shore and a town called Beverly. With the successes of Angie, Jeneil and Fred, this town shows itself to be a place that still believes in rainbows and the power of people who struggle together, who believe together and who work together to make dreams come true. They all remind me that no matter the ups and downs, the setbacks, and shortcomings to keep fighting and keep believing. Keep believing that somehow a lowly person can make a difference, inspire others and, like a rainbow in the sky, be an example of who and what we can be. I thank them all for that continued inspiration. I guess Kermit was right, at the end of the rainbow, we will find the lovers, the dreamers and me.

Make sure to vote and help lift the dreams of a young girl named Angie Miller. Together, we have it in us to inspire a nation!

Dominic Copeland